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World-Renowned Physicist Breaks With Obama on Climate


Obama: Christians threaten nation


Bathroom Battles

Bathrooms are becoming the latest front in the culture war. Believe it or not, the Obama Administration is suing an Illinois school district because school officials are insisting . . . that boys use boys' bathrooms. In fact, the Department of Education is threatening to withhold $6 million in federal funding unless the district allows …

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The Debates – Humor


The Difference Between Lies and the Truth


Staying the Course in Syria? Which Course?

What to do in Syria, from the Patriot Post.

GOP in disarray?

Virtually every media outlet is declaring the Republican Party to be in a state of disarray, crisis or chaos. And the left-wing talking heads can hardly contain their glee. But what the media call disarray is just competition and debate about which leader is best able to fashion a strategy for dealing with a president …

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Kelsey Grammer on gun control and abortion

Kelsey Grammer: What if they used guns to perform abortions?

Planned Parenthood Fact Sheet


Rude truth for Obama: Viable Baby Abortions FAR exceed gun deaths in US