The Difference Between Lies and the Truth

Rand Paul coming to Sioux City October 14

Rand Paul will be in Sioux City on at Morningside College on Wednesday, October 14th at 9:00AM at the Morningside College, UPS Auditorium, located at 3627 Peters Ave., Sioux City, IA 51106.
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Staying the Course in Syria? Which Course?

GOP in disarray?

Virtually every media outlet is declaring the Republican Party to be in a state of disarray, crisis or chaos. And the left-wing talking heads can hardly contain their glee.

But what the media call disarray is just competition and debate about which leader is best able to fashion a strategy for dealing with a president who is willing to do almost anything to ram his agenda down the throats of the American people — with or without Congress.

Reports today indicate that Obama is preparing to use executive actions to bypass Congress in order to further restrict Second Amendment rights.

If journalists want to write about disarray, the focus shouldn't be what happens over the next week or two in the House. Instead, they should look at the country's domestic and foreign policies under Obama.

"Disarray," "crisis" and "chaos" pretty well sum up Obama's foreign policy. How about the White House being shocked and puzzled about Russia's intervention in Syria?

If disarray is your thing, how about spending two years negotiating with Iran, getting a terrible deal, followed immediately by Iran stepping up its aggression and refusing to talk anymore? The president claims this is part of his legacy. I agree — and what a sorry legacy it is.

How about a Veterans Administration that allowed our heroes to die waiting for treatment? That's what you get with government-run, rationed health care.

"Disarray," "crisis" and "chaos" are also good descriptors of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. Consider her repeated explanations for her mishandling of classified information on a private email server.

How about her opposition to one of the president's signature initiatives — the Trans Pacific Partnership — something she repeatedly championed? Isn't that disarray and chaos in the ranks of the left?

The boisterous competition among House Republicans for a new speaker pales by comparison to the disarray and chaos of Obama and Clinton!

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Kelsey Grammer on gun control and abortion

Kelsey Grammer: What if they used guns to perform abortions?

Planned Parenthood Fact Sheet

Rude truth for Obama: Viable Baby Abortions FAR exceed gun deaths in US

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