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The Senate Judiciary Committee Under Chairman Grassley

“The continued attacks against Senator Grassley’s record on nominations as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee are unfounded and based on political rhetoric from paid political operatives and an increasingly desperate minority.  The truth is that by the end of this month, the Judiciary Committee will have held hearings for the exact same number of judicial nominations during this Congress, 43, as Senator Leahy had by the end of May during the 110thCongress (2007 and 2008).  For that matter, compare the 324 judicial confirmations of President Obama’s to the 303 judicial confirmations of President Bush’s at this same point.  To say that President Obama hasn’t been treated fairly during his presidency isn’t based in reality.”


The Senate Judiciary Committee

Under Chairman Grassley

By the Numbers…

·         74 committee and subcommittee hearings

·         30 business meetings

·         54 nominees reported out of committee

·         27 bills discharged from committee

·         27 bills have been bipartisan

·         18 bills from committee have passed the Senate

·         8 bills from committee have been signed into law

·         324 Obama judicial nominees approved (326 judges approved in all of Bush two terms)

Bills Cleared Include…

·         FOIA Improvement Act

·         Justice for Victims of Trafficking

·         PATENT Act

·         Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act

·         Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act

·         Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA)

·         Defend Trade Secrets Act

·         Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act

·         Transnational Drug Trafficking Act

·         National Blue Alert Act

·         Nuclear Terrorism Conventions Implementation

·         Judicial Redress Act

·         Criminal Antitrust Anti-retaliation Act

·         FBI Whistleblower Protection Act

·         Need-Based Educational Aid Act

·         Adoptive Family Relief Act

·         Comprehensive Justice and Mental Health Act

·         Amy and Vicky Child Pornography Victim Restitution Act

·         Bulletproof Vest Partnership Grant Program Reauthorization Act

·         Adam Walsh Reauthorization Act

·         Kevin and Avonte’s Law


·         U.S. Marshals Service

·         FBI

·         Border security

·         Sanctuary cities

·         Criminal immigrants

·         Guantanamo Bay detainees

·         Excessive regulations

·         National Security

·         Accountability for Sexual Assault

·         Second Amendment

·         Competitive business practices

·         Federal Judiciary

·         Inspector General access

·         Executive branch transparency

·         State Department email FOIA Compliance

Is the “Obama” economy as healthy as he claims?

There is hope!

Since Obama bypassed Congress with executive orders and administrative actions, they can easily be undone by the next president.

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Bathroom Battles

Bathrooms are becoming the latest front in the culture war. Believe it or not, the Obama Administration is suing an Illinois school district because school officials are insisting . . . that boys use boys' bathrooms.

In fact, the Department of Education is threatening to withhold $6 million in federal funding unless the district allows a biologically male student to use the girls' locker room, shower and restrooms.

District officials offered repeated compromises, including a private room. But that was rejected. Thankfully, district officials are not budging.

"At some point, we have to balance the privacy rights of 12,000 students with other particular, individual needs of another group of students," Superintendent Daniel Cates said. "We believe this infringes on the privacy of all the students that we serve."

We reported several weeks ago that one of the largest school districts in Virginia voted to accommodate transgendered demands after federal bureaucrats threatened to cut off tax dollars to the classrooms. Clearly, there is a deliberate effort to force this nonsense on every school, district by district.

Where are congressional Republicans? I thought Republicans still supported local control over education. But federal bureaucrats are micromanaging bathroom policies and there is silence from Capitol Hill. [emphasis by Kevin Alons]

Either cut the budget at the Department of Education or cut the strings that enable left-wing bureaucrats to make such obscene demands!

Next month, the residents of Houston, Texas, will vote on a city ordinance that allows individuals to pick and choose what restroom they use based on how they identify at any given moment.

The law has been a flashpoint for over a year. At one point the mayor attempted to subpoena the sermons of local pastors who opposed the radical law!

Former Astros player Lance Berkman weighed in on the controversy. Concerned about the safety of his four daughters, he says in an ad, "No men in women's bathrooms. No boys in girls' showers or locker rooms."

That might seem perfectly logical, but this is the kind of cultural chaos that prevails when the radical left is in control.

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