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What is G4S?

When I learned that Omar Mateen, the Islamic terrorist who killed 49 Americans at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida and wounded 53 others was a security officer working for a company called G4S I decided to do some research on this company. What I have found is not only disturbing, but downright terrifying. Now …

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The Senate Judiciary Committee Under Chairman Grassley

“The continued attacks against Senator Grassley’s record on nominations as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee are unfounded and based on political rhetoric from paid political operatives and an increasingly desperate minority.  The truth is that by the end of this month, the Judiciary Committee will have held hearings for the exact same number of …

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Is the “Obama” economy as healthy as he claims?

There is hope!

Since Obama bypassed Congress with executive orders and administrative actions, they can easily be undone by the next president.

We Have Nothing To Fear Except Fear-Mongering Politicians

Sweden: How is socialism + refugees working now?

World-Renowned Physicist Breaks With Obama on Climate

Obama: Christians threaten nation

Bathroom Battles

Bathrooms are becoming the latest front in the culture war. Believe it or not, the Obama Administration is suing an Illinois school district because school officials are insisting . . . that boys use boys' bathrooms. In fact, the Department of Education is threatening to withhold $6 million in federal funding unless the district allows …

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The Debates – Humor