2016 Platform

Republican Party of Woodbury County

2016 Platform


As Republicans of the Woodbury County Republican Party, we trust in God, who is the divine originator of law.   We support the principles of individual responsibility and liberty, traditional moral standards, a strong national defense, a free enterprise system, and the sanctity of human life.  We believe in preserving the original intent of our Founding Fathers as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States.


1. Agriculture

  1. We support laws allowing the labelling of genetically modified foods.
  2. We support the sale, purchase and consumption of raw milk and milk products.
  3. We urge increased support for rural water preservation.
  4. We support the Renewable Fuel Standard for ethanol.

2. Commerce/Trade

  1. We support trade policies that give the advantage to the U.S.
  2. We support incentives that keep U.S. companies and jobs in America.
  3. We oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

3. Economy

  1. Pay off the national debt.
  2. We oppose policies which unfairly pick winners and losers in the marketplace.
  3. We support regular audits of the U.S. Federal Reserve.
  4. We oppose the practice of “Crony Capitalism” where government provides financial assistance for certain businesses or industries.

4. Education

  1. We urge Congressional action to reform the student loan system.
  2. We supportan end to Common Core standards in public schools.
  3. We urge the reduction of class size to help teachers be more effective in the classroom.
  4. We support an end to federal interference in education and a return of control to parents, teachers and local governments.
  5. We support unemployment benefits for para-educators in Iowa.
  6. We urge our state legislators to support improvements in Advanced Placement Participation among high school seniors.
  7. We support free religious expression among students in public school but teachers and curriculum should remain neutral.
  8. We oppose Michelle Obama’s school lunch program that removes food choices from families.
  9. We support the parents’ right to choose the educational setting for their children, such as public, private, religious, home-school, charter, satellite school, etc.

5. Energy

  1. We oppose federal subsidies for the energy industry
  2. We urge government support of wind energy.
  3. We support a balanced approach to the use of all energy sources to provide energy independence from foreign nations.

6. Environment

  1. We support increased efforts by the Corps of Engineers to protect property owners from flooding.
  2. We oppose any decision by the Corps of Engineers that puts recreational use, endangered species, or birds before that of flood control.
  3. We support the protection of the environment but oppose federal and state regulations which limit private control of land, water, and air.

7. Family Values

  1. We believe that all human life is sacred, therefore we support the right to life from conception to natural death.
  2. We support a constitutional amendment banning abortion.
  3. We oppose human cloning.
  4. We believe that marriage should only be between one man and one woman and we support the repeal of any laws allowing same-sex marriage.
  5. We oppose euthanasia in all its forms.

8. Foreign Policy

  1. We urge an end to financial aid to hostile governments.
  2. We oppose international laws or treaties that would undermine our national sovereignty or violate the U.S. Constitution.
  3. We oppose paying Social Security benefits to foreign workers who move to their country of origin rather than stay and invest in the U.S. economy.
  4. We urge unwavering support of the Nation of Israel which is our strongest ally in theMiddle East.
  5. Agreements with foreign nations should only be done by treaty and subject to the approval of Congress.
  6. We oppose President Obama’s nuclear agreement with Iran.

9. Government

  1. We call for the reduction of unnecessary government regulations, laws, and policies.
  2. We urge members of Congress to sponsor and vote on only single-issue bills.
  3. We support term limits for all elected officials.
  4. We support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  5. We urge Congress to eliminate waste and fraud in government spending.
  6. We urge that Congress change the system of determining cost of living raises for Social Security recipients in order to more accurately address the financial needs of seniors.
  7. We urge Congress to preserve the Social Security program in order to protect seniors from poverty.
  8. We support the elimination of income caps on Social Security benefits.
  9. We believe that all elected officials must be bound by the same laws, rules and regulations as the general public.
  10. We urge massive cuts to government spending and more accountability.
  11. We oppose any federal mandates which force taxpayers to purchase goods or services, including health care.
  12. We support reducing the control of the federal government in favor of local control.
  13. We urge all candidates for public office to take an oath that they will control spending and end all government debt and deficits.
  14. We support the automatic removal of an elected official upon conviction of a felony.
  15. We support the enforcement of existing laws prohibiting elected officials from receiving compensation from lobbyists.
  16. We call for a law making English the official language of the United States.
  17. Laws should not be passed unless each voting member of Congress has read the entire bill.
  18. We support the line item veto for the President of the United States.
  19. We support legislation prohibiting government employees from joining related organizations for 5 years after they leave government employment to prevent conflict of interest.

10. Health Care/Human Services

  1. We support increased funding for medical research and prevention education.
  2. We call for the end of the use of food stamps for non-essential foods.
  3. We call for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and replace it with a private system which returns health care decisions to patients and doctors, lowers insurance premiums and makes health care more accessible and affordable.
  4. We support government action for families who have children with serious chronic medical conditions to assist them with education saving accounts, housing, and medical coverage.
  5. We urge the end of federal and state funding of Planned Parenthood.
  6. We support drug testing of applicants before they can receive government assistance.
  7. We support the end of portability of Iowa housing vouchers to other states.
  8. We believe financial assistance for the low income elderly, disabled, and dependent children in our society should be through a strong partnership between government, churches and non-profit organizations.
  9. We recognize the increased need for mental health care for low income patients in Iowa and urge our legislators not to cut on the necessary funding to
    prevent the mentally ill from harming themselves or others.

  10. We support government financial assistance only for U.S. citizens.
  11. We support combining all entitlement programs into a single agency to cut government beaurocracy so that more funds go toward assisting the people.
  12. We support Work for Welfare which requires that applicants actively seek employment in order to receive assistance.

11. Human Rights

  1. We support religious freedom and oppose government interference in religious practices.
  2. We believe that the U.S. Constitution protects the rights of all U.S. citizens but does not provide for special rights based on sexual preference or gender identity.
  3. We support the constitutional right of public employees to practice their religion applying reasonable accommodations but without fear of reprisal.
  4. We support a federal Personhood Law that would define an unborn child as a constitutionally protected human being.
  5. We oppose government intrusion in the lives of U.S citizens in the name of national security without an individual court order.

12. Immigration

  1. We support the end of illegal immigration through the use of deportation, strong border protection and building a wall.
  2. We urge the elimination of all government benefits to illegal aliens.
  3. We urge that current immigration laws be enforced to the fullest extent of the law.
  4. We require the cooperation of government agencies to report illegal aliens who try to apply for benefits.
  5. We support an end to automatic citizenship for babies born in the U.S. to non-citizens.
  6. We oppose any sanctuary counties or cities in Iowa for illegal aliens.
  7. We oppose President Obama’s executive orders for amnesty which by-pass Congress.
  8. We support enforcement of the use of the E-Verify system by every employer in the U.S.

13. Law/Justice

  1. We believe that our Creator alone defines human rights and not the courts or elected officials.
  2. We oppose any attempt by the Executive Branch of the U.S. government to create laws without the approval of Congress.
  3. We urge that all executive orders which violate the U.S. Constitution should be revoked.
  4. We believe that Supreme Court Justices that violate by the U.S. Constitution should be impeached.
  5. We oppose the practice or enforcement of Sharia Law in the United States.
  6. We oppose any attempts to remove our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms including in public buildings or across state lines.
  7. We oppose the legalization of recreational marijuana.
  8. We abhor the sale of aborted baby parts and support permanent closure of any organization that participates in this practice.
  9. We urge our elected officials to pass a voter ID law requiring voters to have proof of citizenship and photo identity.
  10. We support drug testing for all government job applicants.
  11. We support a “Stand Your Ground Law” in Iowa that says that a person has no duty to retreat from a place that they have a right to be and enables them to use appropriate force, if necessary to protect themselves against attack.
  12. We support term limits for the members of the U.S. Supreme Court.
  13. We support strong efforts to end human trafficking in all its forms.
  14. We support the 7th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that assures the right of each citizen of the U.S. to a trial by jury to protect the individual from wealthy and powerful interests.
  15. We support Iowa’s system of selecting judges based on merit, not political appointment or partisan election.
  16. We believe in a fair and independent judiciary which is accountable to the Constitution and the law and not to politicians.
  17. Legalize in the state of Iowa the use of suppressors for hearing protection on longer-range rifles.

14. Military/Veterans

  1. We support strong, well funded military but with the elimination of wasteful spending.
  2. We support an overhaul of VA that would improve services, accelerate claim processing times, and simplify the claim application process.
  3. We urge that medical care for veterans be prioritized according to medical necessity.
  4. We urge more recognition for PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) with more research and programs to directly help the veterans.

15. National Defense/Homeland Security

  1. We support a repeal of the Patriot Act and the restoration of individual privacy.
  2. We call on Congress to declare war against ISIS and all other terror groups and use whatever means possible to protect America from their attacks.

16. Taxes

  1. We support the elimination of the IRS as we know it in favor of the Fair Tax (national consumption tax) or a flat tax.
  2. We support tax laws that encourage corporations to do business in the U.S.
  3. We oppose taxation of Social Security benefits since the previous income that was paid to cover Social Security was already taxed.

17. Transportation

  1. We urge that the construction and repair of roads and bridges be made a top priority.
  2. We support the timely completion of the Highway 20 and Interstate 29.


We commend our U.S. military personnel and veterans for their service and sacrifices for our country.

We commend U.S. Senator Charles Grassley for his public service in the U.S. Senate.

We commend U.S. Representative Steve King for his public service in the U.S. House of Representatives.

We commend U.S. Senator Joni Ernst for her public service in the U.S. Senate and as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard.

We commend Iowa Governor Terry Branstad as our nation’s longest serving governor.