No March meeting. March 16 legislative forum instead.

There will NOT be a regular (second Tuesday) meeting of the Central Committee in March. In its place there will be a legislative forum with Jacob Bossman, Jim Carlin, and possibly other legislators at the Sioux City library March 16 at 10 AM.

Motion passed by the Central Committee, February 12:

We, the Republican Central Committee of Woodbury, support our 4th District US Representative Steve King and encourage him to continue to represent us and carry out his duly elected term with his long held conservative values which include fighting for the traditional family and protecting the innocent lives of unborn babies.  We are very disappointed in the national Republican leadership who denied Representative King of his rightful due process in believing a New York Times reporter over King’s testimony and his 9 terms of honorable service.  We believe the opposition decided to ambush Representative King since they could not get enough votes to defeat him in the recent election.  Since when is asking a question qualify one to be punished?  Our Founding Fathers felt very strongly that to have a free country we needed freedom of speech.  However if we are not careful, we will no longer be able to have a debate over differing ideas and opinions or express our views if they differ from the liberal left.

Next Central Committee meeting:

Tuesday, April 9